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English forum - hello

Anonymous - 15-09-2009, 19:22
Temat postu: hello
hello, new member here ive just moved to poland from scotland and brought my puma with me nothing special just standard 1.7 125ps version but once i get some money flowing the car will be getting stripped and full s1600 rally gear put in for tarmac rallies and the like but thats a long way away lol. got to fit new wishbones ,drop bar links, track rod ends, the polish roads arent very good yet :roll: so that will be a fun job this weekend, anyways hello :mrgreen:
zolteq - 16-09-2009, 12:58

wiolabarry, hello :)
wiolabarry napisał/a:
the polish roads arent very good yet
... haha :P no coment ;P
nomka - 16-09-2009, 17:24

hello :)

Concerning the roads... it really depends where, the main ones are quite good (I can compare to Paris - the same) but the lower range... yep, here we have a problem ;)

May I ask why did you move from scotland? Why to Poland? :D

Anonymous - 16-09-2009, 19:01

my partner is polish, her father died 2 months ago and we decided to come to help her mum through the hard times but we have decided to stay for the long term.
Gaydek - 16-09-2009, 20:24

I was wondering why... now we know. Good luck by the way and welcome in our club :) .
Anonymous - 19-09-2009, 06:49

well thats the wishbones replaced ,track rod ends replaced and anti roll bar drop links if anyone is thinking of doing this themselfs better have patience and lots of sweary words lol :569:

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