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English forum - damage to car

Anonymous - 20-10-2009, 07:33
Temat postu: damage to car
allright guys how long does it take for polish car insurance to respond to a claim the reason im asking is that some young guy decieded to drive fast in the wet with bald tyres and then tried to brake but used my car as his brakes :evil: so now the police are involved but its been about 4 weeks allready been to the police 3 times but still have no incident number. also what are the insurers like over here fo they write of everything like in the uk or are they ok in getting things repaired.

here is the damage done to the car.

cant even fit winter tyres because it may invalidate the insurance and the under car treatment also

Gaydek - 20-10-2009, 11:33

Not nice at all :???: . Well, I guess that Walu¶ ( ) can answer Your questions.
Anonymous - 23-10-2009, 18:41

the insurance company have one month to pay out but what i dont understand is that they only said once they have sent out an engineer to inspect that they will pay the money into my bank account ? does that mean they give me the money to get it fixed or they only give money when its scrap :?: :566:
nomka - 26-10-2009, 09:59

Nooo, you do not have to scrap it, the damages are to small! You can do it two ways: either (after the inspection and cost calculation) they will transfer the money to your bank account or (if you wanted so) they will pay directly to the guy who will repair your car.
I'm not sure but you have to mark it in the form you filled in when you reported them the accident.

But Gaydek is right, contact Walu¶ directly via "pw" or email. He is our insurance specialist :)) and will be able to help you more.

Snaco - 26-10-2009, 10:12

Why wiolabarry, from Lublin speak english on polish forum ?!? :roll:
nomka - 26-10-2009, 10:42

Snaco, if you read this you would've known ;)
Snaco - 26-10-2009, 12:19

ok. done :-)
Anonymous - 27-10-2009, 20:03

the insurance company have responed they didnt write the car of instaed they want to give me 2640 zloty to fix it :lol: but the back panel new costs 1200 zloty, new bumper 1400 zloty not including lights and plastic covers spraying well that a shed load so thats 2600 zloty for the parts so thats 40 zloty for fitting and painting :570: i know i could buy parts second hand and probably get it done for the price but whats the point the car was in excellent condition before anyway the good news is that if i go to ford or any other body repair shop the car who came and done the cost said they have to pay more if it costs more so the car is of to ford to get a valuation done and i dont care if it cost 8000 zloty to fix they have to cough up :mrgreen: . the guy said normaly they wold write a car of with the damage that was done but because the value far exceeds the fixing price obviously they want to fix it which is good for me anyway thats nearly all sorted once everything has been estimated by ford and then the insurance company can pay the damage.

i will keep you all posted as to what is happening as it happens.

oh and snaco ive posted in the english part of the forum i would post in the polish part of the forum but i cant write in polish well not enough to have a topic but i speak polish not very well mind you :oops: but enough to get by lol.

Maciek - 28-10-2009, 22:13

wiolabarry I didn't catch what you exactly want to know from us, maybe it's because my english isn't very well. You asked about the money-back, yes you will get cash to your bank account, and you have to fix damages on your own, or insurance company fix you your car and you get it when it will be ready. It depends of course if it's option is possible on your insurrance. You should call to one of employers who can handle it, to make a deal, or they'll give you not enough money to new original parts and painting from simply reason - person who make an evaluation of damages only estimate it, and often calculate for cost of new but second hand parts.. Than you can write a repeal (apelation) but it may take much time - about 2-3 weeks. I think the best idea is told them they have to fix your car in authorised ford service station and pay for everything, and you don't want to get any money to your account because the price they offer you is too small and don't satisfact you, because your car can't look like before the happening for this not enough money you will get. But it's my opinion and everything depends of yours idea to fix the car - by the way you can buy rear bumper in allegro for 200 złotych and paint them for 300złotych - it will look like a new, and about 500 złotych left in your pocket. I hope you will make a deal with XYZ company in english and they understand you. Good luck
Anonymous - 30-10-2009, 08:23

Oh well, I took the car to get quotes yesterday and well not good the insurance company as iIsaid want to give me 2600pln to fix, but the garages want at least 9000pln to fix it :shock: . So i think the insuarnce company will write it of, just waiting to here back on there response. :evil:
Maciek - 30-10-2009, 10:15

So you have to wait.. By the way.. my car cost less than 9000pln. If it's posible to spend 9000pln in garages, only for few parts and repair.. it must be a joke ;)
Anonymous - 18-11-2009, 11:59

been to ford to fill in the paperwork for them to soley deal with the claim,the insurance company have till tomorow or monday to decide if the will fix or scrap, the final quote from ford wasnt 9000pln like i was told but 7698pln to be exact. So will wait till tomorow or monday for final verdict.
So long as its resolved before december as thats when I will be departing and going back to scotland, my partner got a job when we came to lublin but me nope if I stayed in warsaw then id be ok but in lublin quite hard for someone who doesnt speak fluent polish, oh well.

[ Added: 11-11-2009, 13:29 ]
well it looks like the guy that is dealing with the insurance cant be bothered, he had 48hours to respond from the ford estimate, so gave them a phone yesterday and well the girl that answered the phone said that it had'nt been delt with , so she has passed our case over to the manager of the insurance firm for him to deal with it all. So should find out on thursday whats happening.

[ Added: 16-11-2009, 18:59 ]
well still no news phoned today but the guy has until the end of today to decide what to do, how difficult can it be to decide what to do either fix it or write it and pay for it. Hopefully they do fix it though cos its been a good car even after the accident.

[ Added: 18-11-2009, 11:53 ]
finally some news they have written the car of will find out today how much they are going to pay for it, not very good news as i thought they might fix it so i dont have to drive a damaged car 1600 miles back to scotland.
Oh well have to decide when i get back to fix or to sell :cry:

Maciek - 18-11-2009, 13:12

Poland.. it's all about :)
Anonymous - 18-11-2009, 14:30

got the news got 1000gbp or 4600zl not bad considering i paid thousand for it.
Snaco - 18-11-2009, 14:49

lucky you :-)

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